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English Brain Words

Which do you think are physical & which are non-physical? Some might be both … or neither… depending on your views!

the brain
the mind
mental processes
thought processes
persistant vegetative state
neural networks


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Pause for a Preposition …

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What can you see in the picture?

In this photo of Ely Cathedral, there’s a tree at the front, in the middle. There’s another tree on the right-hand side. The cathedral is in the background. There’s a cloudy sky above the cathedral. The photo is on this English learning website. You’re looking at it on your computer or on your phone 🙂

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Listen and improve your English pronunciation with poetry

The Josephine Hart Poetry Hour provides some beautiful listening material for helping you notice and work on rhythm and intonation, especially if your native language is syllable-timed rather than stress-timed e.g., Mandarin, French or Spanish. The presenter, Hart, speaks slowly & carefully but naturally.

I’ve also written a transcript for one of her presentations.