Pronunciation-Pro UK: The Weekender

Next course dates: Friday 19 – Monday 22 April (the Easter weekend – 4 days – The Long Weekender! 🙂)

NEW! Pronunciation-Pro UK: The Weekender 

Four classes per day of intense pronunciation/accent reduction work + 15 minutes 1-1 personal review/tuition every day

Class 1 (50 minutes): The Workout – Specific sounds (physical creation and development of English sounds: single, collocated and incidental)
Class 2 (50 minutes): Connected Speech
Class 3 (50 minutes): Express Yourself – Expressing intention/emotion/attitude accurately and appropriately in English
Class 4 (50 minutes): Accent Swim – Immersion through mimicking, recording, reviewing and improving accent using authentic films, radio, songs, real interviews and … real people!
Class 5: One-Two-One 20-minutes of 1-1 personal review/tuition for each participant

Listen to a short sample of a class below!

-Maximum group size: 8
-Homework and reflections diary to complete each day
-Starting and end-of-course assessments in all skills
-All sessions are recorded where possible (it usually is!) and the audios are made available on an online portal for students to review and revise if they wish.
-Language reviews and group session error corrections are also made available on the online portal.