Real English: City

Real English: City intensive courses provide active and essential English sessions in Cambridge for adults. All the sessions are about British culture and every day there are two indoor sessions and one ‘out and about’ session in the city of Cambridge. Themes including British history, sociology, theatre and joke-telling.

We believe Real English: City intensive courses provide:

  • The most immersion,
  • The most interest,
  • The most useful, relevant and ‘now’ language,
  • The best practice opportunities,
  • The most pronunciation, new language, error correction, help, confidence & measurable development! Wow!

This course is something special! It’s designed and written by Cambridge1English to give students the true language they will experience every day while studying, working or visiting England.

Real English: City is an intensive course of fifteen sessions a week. Every day, there are two indoor sessions and one outdoor session in the city of Cambridge.

By the end of each day, you will be able to talk about, express opinions on and show your friends, family and colleagues interesting things regarding Britain, Cambridge and its people. 

-Lots of new vocabulary, expressions and sentences

-Lots of speaking and listening

-Some reading and writing

-Lots of help expressing yourself in discussions

-Even more personal error correction!

-Paper materials containing all the key language from each session are provided to take home

Day 1: History & geography of Cambridge

Day 2: British culture

Day 3: British education in Cambridge

Day 4: English comedy and joke telling

Day 5: Storytelling and drama in English

Free audio progress report!

To see their progress, all students who complete a whole week’s course get a free audio progress report. A 3-4 minute audio recording is recorded at both the start and on completion of the course and an error correction report is provided.

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