Real English: Young Learners and Families

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18 – 22 February 2019
8 – 19 April 2019

Parents and guardians can do the adults’ Real English: Intensive at the same time: separately but in a room close by!

We have two Real English intensive courses for young learners:
1. Lions (ages 7-10)
2. Wildcats (ages 11-14)

Cambridge1English Real English intensive courses are different. We believe they provide:
-The most immersion,
-The most interest,
-The most useful, relevant and ‘now’ language,
-The best practice opportunities,
-The most pronunciation, new language, error correction, help, confidence & measurable development! Wow!
We love the language we’re teaching so our students do too. 
This course is something special! It’s designed and written by Cambridge1English to give young learners the true language will experience every day.
Real English: Young Learners is an intensive course of 20 45-minute classes per week, accompanied by a rich timetable of visits to exciting and educational places in
Cambridge and some fun group challenges.
The schedule is unique in that there is a class every day dedicated to:
a) Colloquial language & formal/informal language: When its okay to say what … when and to whom 😉
b) Vocabulary or grammar the way native-speaking children and teens use them
c) Pronunciation and accent reduction
d) Handling situations young learners encounter every day
Main benefits:

a) Free audio progress report!
To see their progress, all students who complete a full course get a free audio progress report. A 1-2 minute audio recording is recorded at both the start and on completion of the course and an error correction report is provided
b) Bitesize reflections diary to complete each day
c) Starting and end-of-course assessments in all skills for learners doing complete course
d) Online portal: Language reviews and group session error corrections are also made available to parents/guardians of the children
e) Paper materials containing all the key language from each session to take home
f) Certificate of attendance
g) A rich schedule of educational and fun trips, challenges and activities after classes, every day, all week!
Each individual class includes:

-Lots of important language and skills help
-Lots of fun, real, clear practice opportunities
-Common error correction and personal error correction
-Tips for clear, natural pronunciation and intonation

Example trips & events:
-Visits to places in Cambridge the Lions and Wildcats will love love love!
-Team games with small prizes
-Task-based challenges (both personal and in a group)
*All after class activities take place while ‘out and about’ on a visit when possible.

So please consider our course for your Lions and Wildcats! Cambridge1English Real English courses really are special.

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