‘I got the results!!! I’m really happy, I did not expect it honestly. Thank you for your time and tips. All of your lessons were very useful. Keep in touch.’ Paolo

‘Finally, I want to thank you again for your commitment and dedication with me. You’re probably the best teacher I’ve ever met.’ Loreto 

‘The best English class I’ve ever had!!’ Antonia

‘It was very beneficial as it had been before. Thanks to Beth, not only I learn how to pronounce but also I feel I improve my self-confidence in due course.’ Bilal

‘Amazing exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum. I enjoyed it very much. It’s a good way to learn some new vocabulary in a very good company.;)’ Diana

‘I enjoyed the English classes with Beth very much. She is a teacher very attentive to your requirements and helps you a lot to overcome your weaknesses. I was looking for a job and she helped me to especially improve my spoken English and also my self-esteem during the interviews. I finally got the job and I truly recommend to everyone her lessons because you will not regret it!!’ Eleonora

‘Beth is a great teacher: she’s patient and always smiling, but she pays attention to every mistake you may make and she kindly corrects you. She’s enthusiastic and very passionate about her job, and this is also beneficial for learning without much pressure!’ Claudia

‘I’ve attended Beth’s classes and started my new journey to become a native – like speaker:) She is very professional, well prepared, gives all materials and patiently answers all questions! Well done. Thank you very much for teaching me.’ Betty

‘Thank Beth so much! It’s very comfortable and helpful to study with her.’ Elena

‘It was very beneficial as it had been before. Thanks to Beth, not only I learn how to pronounce but also I feel I improve my self-confidence in due course.’ Bilal

‘They are not regular English lessons. They are really thought through classes and carefully made for every student. She customised my lessons to match my needs. Class after class you realise how hard she works for keeping a high quality standard in her teaching method which made me improve a lot and to be confident enough to develop my English skills in my job. I recommend her to everyone without hesitating because I am really sure they will be more than happy as I am. I have been doing lessons with her for almost a year now, and I think I will carry on for a long time because I learn new and useful things for my day by day at work and life in general. I really appreciate everything you have taught me! Thanks!’ Daniel

‘Thanks a lot  for everything. It’s a pleasure learn English with your help. I hope I’m not too tiresome for you :)’ Anna

‘Thank you so much it’s perfect, you are perfect teacher!’ Glorya

‘In my experience of nearly 9 months I always got more than I expected. I found the opportunity to improve myself in all terms including vocabulary, pronunciation and intonation. When I see back I feel the things I learn serve as building blocks for me. Thus I plan to follow the classes further more.’ Bilal

‘My lessons with Beth were excellent. Beth is a fantastic teacher! I totally recommend her and this course! This week I received the most interesting English lessons I’ve never attended! The whole week was interesting and amazing. Although my English level is very low, she made me feel that the things I said were very interesting. We talked about English culture, literature, arts, humour… Beth was very supportive, always corrected my mistakes and helped me to use a better vocabulary and expressions. She is empathetic, friendly, patient and good listener. During the session, she was very supportive and encouraging. Even when we were walking down the street to visit some museum or sightseeing around Cambridge, she took notes of my mistakes, and at the end of the week, she emailed me attaching all my errors with the corrections, also some recordings that she did during the classes. Thanks Beth for all of your effort to improve my English.’ Rosa

‘You made me more able to move around English language world. Really! Three years ago [at a conference in Warsaw] I could understand maybe 60% of what was told. Now in Greece on the same/similar  conference I understood 85%! Haha!! I asked Canadian colleague from my workshop small group to rate my English from 1 to 10 (when 1 means “I can’t understand anything because of horrible accent, bad pronunciation and wrong grammar”; 10 means – “Speaking is so clear and proper that I don’t need to put any effort while listen to you. I don’t notice any mistakes”). She gave me 7! I would give myself 4, sometimes 5. This 7 note shocked me! I think my English developed and it’s your merit. I’m so grateful to you! I found you like an aikido warrier. You didn’t fight with problems, you changed its energy into asset. You are really great teacher!’ Marta