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Accent & Pronunciation Transformation Sessions

Lunchtime/early morning drop-in seminars (in-company) for staff from overseas: We reveal the secrets behind attaining the elusive natural accent for non-native English speakers. Participants will be able to start overcoming their own English pronunciation/accent frustrations in just an hour or two at a time convenient to them.

Cambridge1English Accent & Pronunciation Transformation sessions are set for a three-hour period of your choice. The presented group seminar lasts for 50 minutes and reveals the (quite simple!) secrets behind native British English-sounding speech and how non-native speaking staff can start implementing and practicing these features every day. The rest of the period is for drop-in one-to-one coaching (around 10 minutes each depending on numbers). This is an opportunity for the tutor to listen to individual pronunciation problems and provide a few simple, concrete techniques to everyone who wishes.

Paper/digital materials are provided.

The seminar and drop-in session is suitable for all levels of non-native English speaker from elementary to advanced and near-native.

For further corporate/institutional pronunciation and accent training, our sister company This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Pronunciation-Pro-UK-logo-for-Facebook-image.jpgPronunciation-Pro UK will be able to assist you.