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Posts published in “England English”

Group Online English Classes

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Join our group online English classes! All classes are 40 minutes. £5 booked via Meetups: Thanks and we hope to see you there! -English Pronunciation & Accent-Handling Situations in English-Business…

Real English Greetings

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Informal British Real English greetings: 1) Hiya! (Meaning: ‘Hi’) 2) Alright? (Meanings: either ‘Hello!’ or ‘How are you?’) Common answer 1: I’m alright thanks! Y’alright? Common answer 2: Alright?’ (Depending on the…

Real English Long Weekend now available!

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If you’ve only got Thursday to Sunday to visit Cambridge, spend it with us! Sign up here 🙂

Petrol or Gas?

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As a native British English speaker, I’m always intrigued by expressions that American English speakers use. Sometimes it takes me a while to figure out what they mean! To get…

Quintessentially English

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We’re lucky in England to have lots of beautiful stately homes and parklands. They were built by rich historical landowners with very expensive tastes in architecture and gardening! Now, they…

The English Seaside

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I went to Hunstanton at the weekend (in beautiful Norfolk)! I had a great time at the beach in ‘Sunny Hunny’ even though it’s in England and rarely sunny 🙂…