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Posts published in “Pronunciation & Accent”

Group Online English Classes

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Join our group online English classes! All classes are 40 minutes. £5 booked via Meetups: Thanks and we hope to see you there! -English Pronunciation & Accent-Handling Situations in English-Business…

Pronunciation Workout for the Day: Contractions 1

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Use contractions e.g. ‘I’m’ (not ‘I am’) and ‘she’s got’ (not ‘she has got’) and transform how natural you sound. This is just a quickie 1-minute recording for you to…

Taster Accent and Business English sessions in December

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Pronunciation & Accent Transformation for Non-Native Speakers – Free Friday, Dec 16, 2016, 1:30 PM Eagle Labs Incubator, Barclays Bank, Cambridge CB4 3AZ28 Chesterton Road Cambridge, GB 9 Students Went…

Advanced Pronuncition & Accent: Noticing weak sounds

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To try to create a recording which contained natural, hesitant, fast speech features, I asked myself a spontaneous question and recorded my answer. I didn’t plan what I would say. The…