Listening: Skype/Zoom/VoIP-40 minutes




-English class


-Skype/Zoom/VoIP of your choice (online) 

-40 minutes

Train your brain to listen to fast, local, natural speech without stress.

What: A one-to-one class in which you will learn and become happy and confident listening in a variety of contexts.

Why: To listen like a Cambridge native 😉 By the end of the class you will become a happy, confident listener in a variety of contexts.

How: This class is both a discussion class and a repetition class where the teacher leads controlled repetition exercises and corrects your errors. It is a fast way to learn and use new language. 

Who: The teacher is experienced, precise and friendly but loves correcting errors!

The class includes:

-Lots of essential, concrete skills help,

-Practice opportunities,

-Common errors and error correction,

-Tips for impressing your colleagues, clients, friends and families!

-Materials containing all the presented language are provided.

The highly experienced teacher is friendly and patient but wants all their students to be the best English users they can be so prepare for some challenge! 😉


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4. Transform your English 😉