Pure Discussion & Error Correction: Skype/Zoom/VoIP-40 minutes




-English class
-Skype/Zoom/VoIP of your choice (online)
-40 minutes

What: A one-to-one class in which you discuss a particular topic with a lot of support to enable you to express your opinions and ideas accurately and confidently.

How: Excellent free practice on a particular discussion area with high levels of error correction.

Why: Excellent practice and a lot of error correction to speak like a Cambridge native 😉

Who: The teacher is experienced, precise and friendly but loves correcting errors!

Each class includes:

• Lots of important language/skills advice

• Common errors and error correction

• Tips for clear, natural pronunciation and intonation

  • Tips for impressing your colleagues, clients, friends and families!
  • Materials containing all the presented language are provided.


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3. We will contact you to organise the best day, time and teacher for you!

4. Transform your English 😉