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Real English: City

Cambridge1English Real English: City courses provide active and essential English sessions in Cambridge. All the sessions are about British life and culture and every day there are three indoor sessions and one ‘out and about’ session in the city of Cambridge (See Itinerary below).

By the end of each day, participants are able to talk about, express opinions on interesting things regarding Britain, Cambridge and its people. They get:

-Lots of new vocabulary, expressions and sentences -Lots of speaking and listening-Some reading and writing -Lots of help expressing yourself in discussions -Even more personal error correction! -Paper materials containing all the key language from each session to take home

Normal itinerary: Day 1: History & geography of Cambridge 1. Related grammar/vocabulary/pronunciation 2. Teach the teacher! A geography of Cambridge 3. A walking tour of Cambridge history 3. An interactive history lesson

Day 2: British culture 1. Related grammar/vocabulary/pronunciation 2. An interactive Cambridge culture task and discussion 3. A Cambridge museum visit 4. Language for talking about culture in Britain (the arts; music; multiculturalism)

Day 3: British education in Cambridge 1. Related grammar/vocabulary/pronunciation 2. An interactive introduction to the British education system 3. A secret history of the University of Cambridge (including ghost stories!) 4. A visit to the gardens and grounds of a University of Cambridge college

Day 4: English comedy and joke telling

1. Related grammar/vocabulary/pronunciation 2. Watch and listen to Famous British comedians performing. Then study the transcripts, repeat and learn and learn them. 3. Humour in conversation: Learn and practice the most common expressions and idioms of humour we use in informal speech every day. 4. The language of English jokes: types, language structure, joke vocabulary, colloquial vocabulary, intonation and tone

Day 5: Storytelling and drama in English 1. Related grammar/vocabulary/pronunciation 2. Understand and discuss a famous English poem/short story or play3. Learn and perform key parts of the text 🙂 4.  Feel inspired(!) and write your own poem/short story or play in the Arts Cinema cafe. Receive exceptional writing help from the teacher.

We love the language we’re teaching so our students do too. This course is something special! It’s designed and written by Cambridge1English to give students the true language they will experience every day while studying, working or visiting England. Main benefits: Free video/audio progress report! To see their progress, all students who complete a whole course get a free audio progress report. A 1-2 minute audio recording is recorded at both the start and on completion of the course and an error correction report is provided.

-Maximum group size: 8 -Homework and reflections diary to complete each day -Starting and end-of-course assessments in all skills -All sessions are recorded where possible (it usually is!) and the audios are made available on an online portal for students to review and revise if they wish. -Online portal: Language reviews and group session error corrections are also made available to the group.-Structured book reading outside class time -Paper materials containing all the key language from each session to take home -Certificate of attendance -A rich schedule of trips to other cities, activities and events

Trips, events & activities: During the trips, activities and events, students can either relax and have fun or do the prepared English practice tasks and have fun at the same time! Example trips & events: -Trips to London and/or Stratford-Upon-Avon (Shakespeare’s birthplace) -A unique language exchange workshop with native speakers, -A Shakespeare play in a lovely University of Cambridge garden, -Tours of Cambridge, -Team games with small prizes, -Out and about in Cambridge.

We believe Real English: City intensive courses provide:

  • The most immersion,
  • The most interest,
  • The most useful, relevant and ‘now’ language,
  • The best practice opportunities,
  • The most pronunciation, new language, error correction, help, confidence & measurable development! Wow!

This course is something special! It’s designed and written by Cambridge1English to give students the true language they will experience every day while studying, working or visiting England.

So please join us! Cambridge1English Real English courses really are special. Tell us what, how and where you want to study you and we’ll help you find the best option. Our service includes:
  • Support with course applications
  • Visa advice
  • Full course information
  • Country specific practicalities and cultural guidance
  • Organisation of accommodation and transport when required
We also offer: Free 1-1 English classes on Skype or Zoom to clients while they settle into their course in the UK, Australia or Europe.