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Recruitment & New Starter English Assessments

Recruitment English Assessments

Cambridge1English provides useful and accurate assessments of job candidates’ real capacity for using English in the workplace.

We assess the English level and communicative ability of a job candidate in the following areas:

  • English for the Working Environment
  • Field Technical/Specialist English

We provide full written reports on candidates’ strengths and weaknesses in speaking, listening, writing and reading in work-based communication.

  • We can also assess your new starters.
How does it work?
1. Your job candidate takes a speaking and listening assessment with our interlocutor over the phone or on Skype/Google Hangouts (or in person if based in Cambridge, England). All sections reflect situations which your candidate will encounter in the workplace and have to converse in . The tasks encourage the candidate to demonstrate the best of their linguistic and communicative ability as well as accuracy. Tasks increase in challenge and complexity. You can also choose to include technical/specialised English scenarios relevant to the field of the role.
2. Your job candidate takes a writing and reading assessment which reflects scenarios at work that demand reading capacity and written English. All the tasks encourage the candidate to demonstrate their accuracy, range of language and awareness of written English style and appropriateness. They also increase in challenge and complexity.
  • In each section you can choose to include technical/specialized English scenarios relevant to the field of the role.

We provide you with a writeup of your job candidate’s strengths and weakness and a summary of how they will cope in your workplace in a wide variety of situations. If desired, we can also organise English tuition for successful candidates.

Overall communicative and linguistic areas assessed (in speaking, listening, reading and writing):

  • Organisation and cohesion
  • Flexibility and linguistic range
  • Appropriacy and style
  • Accuracy
  • Overall task achievement and communicative management

Cambridge1English Recruitment Assessments have been designed with reference to the following:
-The Council of Europe Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
-The Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE) ‘Can Do’ Project

Tell us what, how and where you want to study you and we’ll help you find the best option.