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Posts tagged as “IELTS TOEFL TESOL”

Some English Sales/Marketing Words for the Workplace

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Some common English marketing words and phrases used in the office added to resources. Do you already use some of them?

Petrol or Gas?

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As a native British English speaker, I’m always intrigued by expressions that American English speakers use. Sometimes it takes me a while to figure out what they mean! To get…

English Brain Words

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Which do you think are physical & which are non-physical? Some might be both … or neither… depending on your views! the brain the mind mental processes thought processes consciousness…

The English Seaside

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I went to Hunstanton at the weekend (in beautiful Norfolk)! I had a great time at the beach in ‘Sunny Hunny’ even though it’s in England and rarely sunny 🙂…

Pause for a Preposition …

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In this photo of Ely Cathedral, there’s a tree at the front, in the middle. There’s another tree on the right-hand side. The cathedral is in the background. There’s a…

Listen and improve your English pronunciation with poetry

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The Josephine Hart Poetry Hour provides some beautiful listening material for helping you notice and work on rhythm and intonation, especially if your native language is syllable-timed rather than stress-timed…