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Posts tagged as “study Polish in Poland”

Light That Fire!

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‘Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.’ Socrates

Immersion Learning – Does It Go in Jumps?

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Have you ever noticed your English learning jump up in stages? Maybe it’s just me … but when learning Spanish in Central America, it would feel hard and confusing for…

The English Seaside

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I went to Hunstanton at the weekend (in beautiful Norfolk)! I had a great time at the beach in ‘Sunny Hunny’ even though it’s in England and rarely sunny πŸ™‚…

English Language Immersion: Do it more – Learn faster!

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It’s essential for English learners to immerse themselves in the language: TV, film (without subtitles!), radio, books, chat or travel to an English-speaking country.Β  A swimmer improves by getting in…

Poetry is ‘Language Caught Alive’

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Poetry is great for learning pronunciation, rhythm & intonation. Robert Frost said, ‘It’s language caught alive’.