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Webinar (free): English Examination Speaking 2-Extended Talk Section

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Time (Thursday 21 February):
1) Webinar: 17:30-17:50 GMT / 18:30-18:50 CET
2) Twitter Questions and Answers: 17:50-18:30 GMT / 18:50-19:30 CET

English Examination Speaking 2-Extended Talk Section (Tips)  – 20 minutes – Cost: Free
Platform: Zoom (You’ll receive an easy web link to join instantly. You don’t need to download Zoom.)

Get key words, phrases and tips to help you succeed in the speaking section of the main international speaking exams e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge, etc.
-Key tips to impress the examiners ;-):
-Words & Phrases
-Accent/pronunciation (Speaking & Listening)
-Common errors
-Fast, efficient and focussed
-A great brain ‘reset’ if you are feeling overwhelmed with studying.

Materials containing all the presented language are provided to participants during/after the webinar

We’ll then be available on Twitter to answer your questions after the webinar so please join us by following @Cam1English

Please note, the webinar is designed as a supplement to your existing/future preparation, not replace it 😉

So sign up to the webinar on Eventbrite and we’ll send you a link to join. 
Thanks! See you there!